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Classy and unrivalled largest clothing store for all occasions in Jaipur Rajasthan

About Us

At J.K.J. Fashions, we seek fashion as a way through which one expresses their personality and makes themselves stand-out from the crowd. In the evolving world of fashion, a name that has had a lasting impression and prevails as the oasis of purity and perfection is J.K.J. Fashions. J.K.J. Fashions is started by the artistic genius and jewellery mogul, Mr Rajkumar Mosun.

Mr Rajkumar Mosun, launched his empire to celebrate, promulgate and expand his pure love and passion for modern day fashion that draws inspiration from the latest trends. He led this glorious realm with the principles of worshipping the customer and serving them with honesty, excellence and purity. His decades of expertise, creativity and pristine devotion is the real sparkle behind the success of J.K.J. Fashions.

The embodiment of trust and pristine craftsmanship commenced by Mr. Rajkumar Mosun has been impeccably led and generationally treasured by initially his 3 sons, MR. KAILASH MOSUN, MR. UPENDRA MOSUN, MR. DEEPAK MOSUN who embodies the love and expertise in their genes and eventually is led by his 3 grandsons, the new entrances and the exceptional leading forces, MR. KRISHNA MOSUN, MR. KANHAIYA MOSUN, MR. VINAY MOSUN, who cherish this empire with the principles solidified by Mr. Rajkumar Mosun and by bringing their new and special perspectives to intensify the essence of this generational sensation.

J.K.J. Fashions is an extraordinary establishment that has been flourishing and prospering ever since it marked its splendour presence but as referred by our loyal customers, J.K.J. Fashions and designer clothing are 2 sides of the same coin.

Residing on the pillars of trust, and absolute customer devotion and satisfaction, at J.K.J. Fashions we bring to you the best of the designer outfits which are a symbol of a unique amalgamation of comfort and style. The classic and at the same time glamorous designs are composed of the premium raw materials like silk. The delicate and flowing composition of the dresses renders you the space to move freely without limiting upon the aspect of elegance.

J.K.J. Fashions and the Rajkumar Mosun Group have created an everlasting, glorious legacy that has and will withstand the test of time for eras and antiquity to come. We are here with the best of the fashion products which includes a wide variety of products, ranging from simple and elegant kurtis to embellished bridal lehengas. JKJ fashions is a storehouse of traditional & ethinic outfits which decorate your personality with a gracious look. Get yourself ready with JKJ Fashions products and shine amidst the rest.

Director’s Message

Our story started back in 1868 when our esteemed founder, RAJKUMAR JI MOSUN took the commitment to craft and deliver the best of traditional jewellery. Since then, our legacy of admirable craftsmanship has only grown and expanded. The force behind the success of J.K.J. Fashions is the enforcement of passion and purity that has led us to stand tall and take pride in our unique collection of fashion clothing.

Further, the rich legacy has been taken forward with immense passion to only deliver the finest apparels that are aesthetically appealing and add elegance to one’s personality. With our intense perseverance and passion, we have completely reformed the way of business while bringing a dynamic and youthful perspective to the business.

Our company has successfully come a long way and we only strive to move forward as we have much more to achieve. Throughout this wonderful journey, our customers have shown immense trust and support that has placed us among one of the top fashion brands.

Your unwavering trust and love gives us the power to keep moving toward a shinier future.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision

    As a pioneer in the fashion industry, at J.K.J. Fashions, we aim to take care of our highly-cherished customers. Comfort with style is the basis for each of our fashion products. With innovative and trendy collections of ethinic and bridal wear, we aim to reframe the definition of Fashion. With the most embellishing dresses in our store, we are determined for a graceful appearance of our customers. Satisfaction of customers is the prime motto of J.K.J. Fashions.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission resides on the pillars of trust and absolute customer devotion and we aim to introduce a revolution in the fashion industry. The trendiness of our dresses and the unprecedented excellence in designs is something which sets us apart from other fashions brands. We help our customers realise their dream of wearing something amazing!

Dress up in the most unique way with JKJ Fashions

JKJ Fashions

Clothing store for all occasions in Jaipur Rajasthan

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Vibrant colors you can wear. We give you true style.

Impeccable designs and colorful presentation are how we describe our style mandate. Dazzling and radiant dresses and their colour pallets are brought to you in the most mesmerizing shades. Create a personalized fashions closet at your home with our lehengas, kurtis, gowns and sarees.


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JKJ Fashions

Clothing store for all occasions in Jaipur

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